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Picture post [Feb. 8th, 2008|03:46 pm]
This morning's Today programme included an item on a cache of negatives by Robert Capa which have just come into the hands of the International Centre of Photography in New York; there's a rather better account of this story in the New York Times, which includes a zoomable photograph of one of the boxes of rolls of film, and an illustrated explanation of why this acquisition is important to the history of photography.

A letter I posted late yesterday afternoon in the postbox at the bottom of my street reached Shetland in today's post before one o' clock. As durham_rambler points out, if I had posted it to myself, the earliest it could have arrived is two o' clock, that being when the post came today.

The letter was a deposit on accommodation in Lerwick in May: holiday plans are beginning to turn into reality.

(via nineweaving): The New Yorker held a competition in which contestants were invited to redesign the dandy with a monocle who exemplifies the magazine (I never knew that he had a name, but it seems that he is Eustace Tilley). I love some of the entries, but I also love that the contest was conducted on Flickr, so my pleasure is not restricted to the winners published by the magazine: I very much liked some of those which didn't make the top 20.

No, sorry, only got four things today.