September 7th, 2021


First Sunday of autumn

Farmers' Market

Sedgefield Farmers's Market is on the first Sunday of the month. We've talked vaguely about giving it a try, and Sunday was a lovely sunny morning, there had been gaps in my shopping (because reasons) and [personal profile] durham_rambler had picked up a reminder from Twitter...

We'd been warned that you have to go early, that things sell out, so as soon as we'd finished breakfast we set off. Parking was easier than I'd expected, and there was a band playing, and we strolled round and bought things. We bought pies from the couple who no longer come to Durham Farmers' Market, because they have opened a shop in Sedgefield; we stocked up on meat which we would otherwise have gone to the farm shop to buy; chatted to the lady whose exotic jams I had bought at Seaham (and bought some pear and chocolate brioche).

And we bought the first beetroot of the season from the winter veg people. So it's definitely autumn. This entry cross-posted from Dreamwidth: comments always welcome, at either location.