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Days of ice [Jan. 17th, 2012|09:42 pm]
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The skies have cleared, the sun has come out, and the temperature has plummeted. I wasn't able to make the most of it over the weekend, as I wasn't feeling too good - slept badly on Friday night, felt drowsy and slightly queasy for no apparent reason all day Saturday, slept late on Sunday and felt better but still a bit fragile, slept even later on Monday and felt even better... durham_rambler decided that if no better entertainment was on offer, he would defrost the freezer, which was encased in a thick shell of ice. He is a hero, and I am plotting to refill it at the Farmers' Market on Thursday, and wondering how long it will take me to get used to not having to wrest it open against the seal of ice - at present it feels slightly wrong.

Heron in winterBy yesterday morning, I was going stir crazy, and we went to the Botanic Gardens for a short walk and to take photos: this is not necessarily my favourite of the batch, but it is the first - first photograph of the year, and about time too! The sculpted heron looks as unconcerned by the shards of ice around his feet as the real heron does by the cold dark waters of the river - it must be a heron thing. There were snowdrops in the woods, the flowers not yet open, and daffodil spikes emerging from the ground (that can't be right, surely?) There was much frost, outlining leaves, dripping from trees, probably doing no good whatsoever to some early flowers. And when we'd had enough of the cold, there were the greenhouses, and then home and hot soup for lunch.

More frost today, so we deferred our swim until this afternoon. It disrupts the the day, but it avoids the agony of scraping the ice of the car before you can go anywhere (and then having to stop after a hundred yards to clear the windscreen again). Will we do it again? Probably, unless the thaw comes...

[User Picture]From: la_marquise_de_
2012-01-17 10:09 pm (UTC)
No ice here that I've seen as yet, but we've had some very heavy frost, the last few nights.
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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2012-01-18 02:45 pm (UTC)
The water in the decorative pool had clearly been freezing at the edges: someone had broken it up, and the fragments were a couple of centimetres thick. No ice on flowing water, though...
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2012-01-18 02:46 pm (UTC)
This is definitely a 3D heron, but made from flat sheets of metal.

I hope you enjoyed your walk - I'm pretty much back to normal, thanks!
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[User Picture]From: anef
2012-01-20 10:56 am (UTC)
I thought it was a real heron, and was trying to work out what type as it wasn't the normal colour. Then I read the narrative...
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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2012-01-20 11:03 am (UTC)
Ah, yes, that northern variant the rusty heron...

The best birder I know is colourblond. Imagine...
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