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Botany, brass and banners - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Botany, brass and banners [Feb. 17th, 2014|09:27 pm]

Yesterday was the 132nd anniversary of the Trimdon Grange Disaster. Not a big, round number anniversary, but a hook on which someone had decided to hang a short concert by the Bear Park and Esh Colliery Band, and a talk by Norman Emery, Cathedral Archaeologist and author of a book on miners' banners. An afternoon of brass band music and banners, what more could anyone desire?

Signs of spring

We set off at midday, left the car at the park & ride, and walked through the Botanic Gardens to Grey College, the event venue. It was a bright day, sometimes sunny, sometimes not, but there were enough signs of spring to raise the spirits: catkins by the path out of the car-park, a drift of snowdrops suddenly caught in the spotlight as the sun broke through, a clump of hellebores here and of crocuses there, a bush of daphne heavy with scented pink blossom... It took us an hour to walk the length of the gardens, stopping to look at everything, which brought us to the café in the gardens in time for lunch.