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Five small excitements make an LJ weekend - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Five small excitements make an LJ weekend [Jun. 1st, 2014|09:59 pm]
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The new freezer was delivered at tea-time on Friday: I heard the thumping and bumping and muttering, and thought the best thing I could do was stay upstairs out of the way. Getting the old freezer out seems to have been easier than getting the new - smaller - one in, but removing the packaging seems to have solved the problem.

On Saturday morning, with a new freezer to fill and time running out for living on the contents of the old one, we did a big supermarket shop. And while we were in shopping mode, we bought two new pairs of trousers for durham_rambler, and a swimming costume for me. It is impossible to buy a swimming costume in a large size without "tummy control" - perish forbid that my tummy should be unleashed uncontrolled unto the pool! But I held my nerve, and refused the one with the high-cut leg, and the ones with the padded bust, and the one in a jazzy pink op art pattern, and persistence was rewarded, because the one I finally bought is the cheapest of the lot. It is my long-promised birthday present from durham_rambler, and tomorrow morning we will find out how it works when wet.

durham_rambler was stung by a bee this morning. It was hiding in his sock. We don't know how it got there - it was a clean pair, and there was no bee in them when I paired them up and put them away after laundering.

Our friend R. has not been answering his phone, so we went to see him, but he didn't answer his doorbell, either. This took us close enough to the coast that we went to have a look at the new marina: the 'new' bit is quite a smart building with an ice cream parlour at one end, a café at the other end and a number of business opportunities in between. There is a Heritage and Lifeboat Centre, but it is only open until three o' clock, so we missed it. But we had a cup of tea, and walked down onto the beach.

And R. phoned while we were eating dinner, so that's all right too.

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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2014-06-02 10:20 am (UTC)
I hope I got that correct?

Close! And no-one seems to have been permanently injured: at least, durham_rambler reports below onhimself and the bee; I can't answer for the delivery men!
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2014-06-02 10:22 am (UTC)
(where did you go to buy your vestments? Were you at the Big Tesco?)

Nope, we went to the Arnison Centre, bought trousers at the Big M&S and swimsuit at the Big Sainsbury. This gave us the option of a consoling visit to Majestic Wine, but in fact it wasn't necessary!
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[User Picture]From: durham_rambler
2014-06-02 10:08 am (UTC)
I think I was stung by a bumblebee or maybe a hairy footed flower bee, which is good news for both of us. Good for the bee because these species are able to withdraw their stingers, unlike honey bees, and so live on. (I guided this one out of the bedroom window.) Good for me because it was only a mild sting (it felt like a major pin-prick) and the pain was never serious and subsided within a few hours.
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