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Shiny new toy! [Aug. 23rd, 2015|06:19 pm]
I am posting this - at least, I hope I am; we'll find out in a minute! - from my new convertible mini notebook.

The little notebook which we bought shortly before our trip to Iceland in 2009 is still functional, but it is getting cranky. In particular, it quite often declines to recognise wi-fi to which other people present have connected without effort - which is inconvenient in a device which I use mainly when away from home.

I may also have been slightly envious of the sheer portability of durham_rambler's tablet: he could use it in the bar or in bed, while I needed a table on which to place my notebook, otherwise it would overheat. On the other hand, my notebook could do things the tablet couldn't:we could use it to store photos, transferring files from the cameras' SD cards. Occasionally it was convenient to be able to load documents from a thumb drive, too, but it was the photos that were the deal-breaker.

Then clever durham_rambler found this Toshiba Satellite 2-in-1 - it's a notebook, but the screen detaches and acts as a tablet. I am very excited about this - though not as excited as the screen itself, which insists on starting up in tablet mode, even when connected to the keyboard. It has other funny little ways - which can probably be summarised as 'Windows 10' (no, durham_rambler had to install it - but it seemed a good idea to do so before I started filling the memory with my own stuff): it keeps hiding Firefox away and offering me Microsoft Edge instead (isn't that the guitarist with U2?).

All of which is why I'm spending time getting the hang of it now, so I'll be in control when we go on holiday in mid-September: whee! going on holiday! with shiny new toy...

It is quite shiny, by the way. The delivery note says it's 'satin gold'. You could have fooled me: I'd have called it 'metallic beige' (no, that doesn't sound very inviting, but it was this or white

[User Picture]From: durham_rambler
2015-08-23 05:59 pm (UTC)
The actual model we bought was a Toshiba Satellite Click Mini, from John Lewis as they give a 2 year guarantee.
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