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(Not much) progress report [Sep. 17th, 2015|08:29 pm]

We are here, arrived, in France: that's about all, really.

The storm in the channel failed to materialise. We had a nasty scare when my new notebook refused to talk to the wi-fi at the hotel last night, but it was fine on the ferry, and it seems fine now. It took us longer than we had intended to drive the length of the Cotentin peninsula, but it's partly our own fault for not taking the motorway - and we are unrepentant, because it was all lovely green scenery and trees and fields of maize, and lunch at the seaside...

And now we are in Pontorson, at the deeply historic Hotel Montgomery (home of the Comte de Montgomery who accidentally killed Henri II in a jousting accident, as described in La Princesse de Clèves). Tomorrow we will detour the 10k to the Mont Saint Michel, because we can.

But first, bed (and book).

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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2015-09-18 08:51 pm (UTC)
I am delighted that we shall meet M. Cro Magnon! I hadn't dared ask. This is very, very kind of him...
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