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Ups and downs [Oct. 3rd, 2015|08:05 pm]
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There's more to say about today in due course, but right this moment the thing I would like to get off my chest is that halfway round a splendid walk in the wine growing area of Irouléguy my camera decided that it had had enough. If you're reading this, you probably know just how catastrophic this is, but as a reminder, here's a scene from earlier along the route:

The vines of Irouleguy

For whatever reason,the lens has jammed: it's semi-zoomed, and won't retract or function. If provoked, it beeps and says "Lens error, restart camera." Switching it off then on again counts as provocation, and removing the battery doesn't help. The internet suggests that the lens may have been knocked off-centre (which could be the case, although not a recent injury) and that it can be pushed firmly but gently back into alignment (which it can't, or at any rate not by me or durham_rambler).

Things could be worse. durham_rambler has been very long-suffering about allowing me the use of his camera. And of course my phone is a camera too, because even the most basic model - which this is - has a camera. So this afternoon I took photographs with my phone, until it declared itself full (at 15 photos). This isn't quite the first time I've used the camera function, I tried it out when I first bought the phone, but I never worked out how to get the photos out of the phone and onto a computer. Still, it shouldn't be difficult, should it? I have a cable with a mini-USB connection at one end and a standard USB at the other (it's my Kindle charger, if you're picky) which is what it takes to connect phone and computer; we even, I discover, have Bluetooth. Yet the phone refuses to talk. So all the embarrassment of discovering myself to be, after all, one of those terrible people who photographs her lunch with her phone was in vain.

And it could be worse. I've just realised that in tablet mode, my new toy notebook is a camera...