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Damp [Jan. 28th, 2016|10:16 pm]

In the war on entropy, we win small battles, but that is never enough.

In December, the boiler died, and we had it replaced. This was disruptive, but it was hopeful, too, because it made us start talking to builders about a whole lot of work that needs doing to the house. With that goal in mind I had made a start on taking things to charity shops, and moving stuff to give access to the radiators helped with that clearing process. Not fun, but a win, nonetheless.

Having the car off the road for a month has been tedious, but at least we only had a few days with no wheels - and it was returned to us this morning, repaired and shiny at both ends.

While breaking the coffee pot may not seem to be of the same order of hardship, it has been a daily irritant. But I have found a new one (at the same charity shop as I found its predecessor). It is slightly smaller, about a litre capacity, but it will do us no harm to reduce our caffeine intake slightly.

So I may have felt that we were, if not winning, at least holding our position. This was foolish of me. We have just discovered that a downpipe has become detached from the guttering, and as a result damp has soaked through the wall on three floors of the house. Putting it right will involve scaffolding the back of the house, and extensive building work inside. We are talking to the insurance company, we are talking to builders. We are doing all the right things, but it is not going to be fun. We are lucky that it isn't disastrous financially: we are insured, and we have savings which were earmarked for home maintenance, though this means prioritising things we had not intended to prioritise.

I'm closing comments on this, because I don't feel like talking about it. I'm sure there'll be plenty more on this topic in the coming months, but right now, let's move on. The next post will be more cheerful.