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Klezmer with the White Queen - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Klezmer with the White Queen [Jan. 31st, 2016|06:19 pm]
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Newcastle has a new festival, the Brundibar Arts Festival, rooted in classical music but reaching beyond, moving from Holocaust Remembrance Day to a "positive affirmation of creativity in adversity" - of which tofay's offering was a sequence of four pop-up klezmer concerts by Horovod.

We took the train to Newcastle, and were at the Lit & Phil bright and early for a splendid performance upstairs in the library. A bonus pleasure was the appearance of an old friend who we don't see often enough, scurrying in a couple of items into the performance, into on of the few free seats (middle of the front row, inevitably): later she explained that she had reached the metro station before realising that she didn't have her purse with her, so her journey had been more flustered than it should have been. We took her off for coffee, and enjoyed catching up on the news.

We'd all enjoyed the performance enough that we were ready to hear it again, at its final venue, the City Farm in the Ouseburn, so M. went home to collect her car and her purse while durham_rambler and I set out to walk along the Quayside. The Sunday market was still going. I don't know when I was last there, but it has changed: it used to be all cheap plastic and shiny things, and there were still one or two stalls selling these, but most of the stalls were food and coffee, like a much extended Farmers' Market (bearing in mins that much of what appears at our Farmers' Market is not farmed locally). We resisted all temptations, though, navigated our way into the Ouseburn (I would not have taken the right turning had it not been where we parked for a recent concert at the Cluny) and reached the Farm Café in time for a bowl of soup before the band arrived - and a cup of coffee after.

I'm glad we went back for a second helping of Horovod: this was their fourth concert of the day, and I think they were more relaxed, if also wearier. I wish they had more small-talk: individually, after the performance, all four members of the band were very approachable, and willing to talk about the music, but during the show they didn't have much to say to the audience. Still, that left more time for the music, which isn't a bad thing!