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Dehumidifiers [Mar. 9th, 2016|08:06 pm]

Now that the builders have re-fixed the downpipe, and it is once more doing its proper job of carrying water from the gutters to the ground without letting it into the house, the next stage is to dry out those parts of the house which suffered while it was broken.

We had already had a visit from a representative of the firm that does this, and he had talked us through the process and been very reassuring: yes, the work would be disruptive, walls would be stripped back to plaster, units and shelves would have to be moved, but we were not to worry, the company would take care of everything, they were professionals, they would pack things away properly...

You can see where this is going, can't you?

When we learned that the work would start this morning, about ten o' clock, durham_rambler was confident that we could go swimming as usual. We'd be back to let them into the house by 9.30, no problem. I thought about the less-than-relaxed breakfast we would have while things were being packed, and all the things which needed to be tidied away so that they didn't get packed away for the duration of the works: the laundry, the kettle... Eventually I persuaded him that maybe we should defer our swim until Friday.

So at least the washing up was done, and the saucepans were in a box in the dining room, and kitchen utensils were stacked on the dining table, when the two workmen arrived and announced they were here to remove the kitchen units. We'd been told they would take charge of the packing, we said. Oh, they said, no-one had told them that. They were very good humoured about it, but they didn't actually have any boxes...

Between us we sorted this out, and they have indeed removed the kichen units from the affected corner, apparently without smashing them up in the process. They have created a tent of plastic, within which a dehumidifier is dehumidifying with all its might (I can't actually hear it from here in the attic, but one floor down - and therefore two floors away - it is perfectly audible). They have cleaned up after themselves, and washed the kitchen floor (which was badly in need of a wash before they arrived).

I couldn't face cooking anything in the chaos of the kitchen after they'd gone, but that's mainly because we took ourselves off to the Stonebridge for lunch, and I am still very full. Time enough to experiment tomorrow, when I hope they will have the kitchen at a point where they leave it to dehumidify for a couple of weeks.

We then have a couple of weeks, give or take, of dehumidifyers chugging away in the three rooms affected by damp. We can turn them off when we can't stand it any more: all this does is slow the drying process. Not that I want to slow the drying process, but I also want to sleep. It'll be fine, we'll work something out; but right now we're not quite there yet.

Meanwhile, durham_rambler has gone out to address a Labour Party branch about his vision for Durham, after which we will meet at the Elm Tree (two pubs in one day!) for the quiz.

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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2016-03-10 10:30 am (UTC)
I ought to post about the quiz, since it's become a regular part of our lives...

Talking of chatting to you over a cuppa, we had a lunch date with S. on Saturday, and took her to the Café Continental.
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