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It's good any day! [Mar. 25th, 2016|06:31 pm]
We woke this morning with no particular plans for the next few days - other than that these are days on which builders are not working, and will not arrive at our door requiring access of electricity or coffee or any other thing which - for perfectly good reasons - they may require. So we are free, and it's a Bank Holiday weekend, and perhaps we should take a holiday. Then we heard the weather forecast, which said, in effect, "Oh, yes, it looks nice enough now, but it won't last."

So we set aside thoughts of visiting interior decoration shops and looking at tiles and wallpaper and other things which we will soon be needing, and took ourselves to the Botanic Gardens. The snowdrops are over, there's no sign of cherry blossom, the earliest daffodils are in full bloom but the majority are still green spears. There are a few primroses, and a little patch of blue primulas are stepping out of their bed onto the path by the stream. The hazel tree was beginning to promise spring:


We lunched at the Italian Farmhouse in Coxhoe, which we have been meaning to try since its previous incarnation as the Clarence Villa, because it was the brewery tap for Sonnet 43. It still is, which is an odd fit for an Italian restaurant which boasts of its authenticity - modern style Italian authenticity, apparently, and I'm still not convinced. But it was an agreeable lunch of small plates of things to share, accompanied by a pint of County Durham's best.

Perhaps that's why I've spent the afternoon noodling aimlessly around the internet.