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Home thoughts [May. 24th, 2016|11:37 am]

From the attic, where I am hiding work, I can hear hammering from the basement, where quasi-resident builder is damp-proofing walls (yes, this has been done before, and yes, it is being done again, and oh, well, once every thirty years is probably fair enough).

Interesting tearing sounds emerge from the spare bedroom, where decorators are removing wallpaper.

Outside on the scaffolding there is silence, because nothing is happening. Again. But the scaffolders promise to be here first thing tomorrow. durham_rambler is very keen that there should be no scaffolding on the house while we are away in London, and we depart early afternoon tomorrow: I see no hope of it being removed by then, but with luck we should at least know that removal is happening.

We had a discussion with boss builder on Saturday morning, and he agreed that work should not start on our bedroom until it has been completed in the spare bedroom. I feel much better knowing that when we return from our week away, there will be a bed for us to sleep in.