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For the record [Jun. 13th, 2016|10:23 pm]
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From time to time I have backache; of course I do, I'm a grown-up, who doesn't? By now I know how to handle it: take painkillers, keep moving, wait for it to go away. I have no idea why it struck this last few days...

Three nights ago, I had twinges: lying in bed, a position that ought to be comfortable was - not. But I could find a comfortable position and go back to sleep. Two nights ago, no position wwas really comfortable and some were seriously painful - within definitions of serious pain that are, I know, pretty trivial really. I slept badly, was still stiff when I woke up, spent yesterday treating myself gently: this wasn't all bad. I started the day with a hot bath (because at last we have fixed the bath tap, and it delivers hot water at a reasonable speed). I opted out of the street party (part backache, part general misanthropy), and pottered around at home, making some progress with small tasks. Had an early night, slept carefully. Considered whether we should defer swimming until tomorrow, and decided not to (because then we'd hace to swim on Thursday after a late night Wednesday) - but I'm not sure this was the right decision: I was still short on sleep, and although the back was much better, the cold water didn't help (I know this because the hot shower after was so wonderful). Now, within three days of the first manifestations, I'm almost back to normal and wondering, what was that about?

At the cinema this evening, I was maybe feeling more need to stretch than usual, but nothing worse. The film was Love and Friendship: should that be 'Freindship'? The Guardian gave it a rave review, including an attempt to justify giving the title of one book to an adaptation of another. I liked the use of captions to introduce the characters, and I was entirely entertained and amused. It's probably unreasonable to feel that this leaves something lacking.

[User Picture]From: sovay
2016-06-14 12:38 am (UTC)
It's probably unreasonable to feel that this leaves something lacking.

So, fun but insubstantial?

I'm glad your back is feeling better.
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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2016-06-14 10:09 am (UTC)
So, fun but insubstantial?

I'd say so - but I tend to feel that way about comedy, so allow for that. Anyway, how much can you ask of juvenilia (even Austen juvenilia)?

I'm glad your back is feeling better.

Thank you. I'm aware of my good fortune, in having afflictions which clear up after three days.

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