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Bed and breakfast [Sep. 27th, 2016|10:12 pm]
[Tags|, ]

For the first time in over two months, we slept in our own bed last night.

We have been using the spare bedroom while our room was being redecorated, and yes, one way and another it really has taken that long: waiting for carpet to be delivered, then waiting for new mattress and for curtains, and finally buying some more curtain hooks... Even now, there are drawers full of clothes and bedding in the weong room, not to mention the books (don't mention the books!). But the room is ready to be slept in:

The newly decorated bedroom

and we were ready to sleep in it. I wish I could say I had a wonderful night's sleep, but I didn't (sometimes I don't). It took us a while to get used to the spare bed - it's narrower than our own bed, and the mattress is very bouncy - and now it's going to take a while to get unused to it again. And I miss having a bedside cabinet (there isn't really room for anything on my side of the bed). Nonetheless, it's good to be back.

There was saffron bread for breakfast. It's taken a while, after the disaster of my last attempt, for me to gather the nerve, but I've been thinking how nice saffron bread would be, so I tried again. As follows:
  • warm 1/4 pint milk with a generous pinch of saffron;

  • allow to steep and to cool slightly, then add 3 oz butter, diced.

  • Add this to the starter.

  • Add flour - I used 10 oz white flour, 5 of wholemeal spelt - and knead in. The softened butter mixes in at this point.

  • Prove as usual

  • Add a scattering of sultanas, and of chopped pistachio nuts

  • I baked for 45 minutes at mark 5, after which the top was beginning to look very well done, it came out of the tin easily, and sounded hollow when tapped, for what that's worth - depite which, the bottom is still a bit sticky. Maybe longer at a lower temperature, next time?

Considering how much higher it was risen after baking, I was surprised at how dense the crumb is - more like cake than bread. But it toasts well enough. Because we have been to IKEA (see lightshade in the picture) I have lingonberry jam. It would be better if it was less sweet, but it's not at all bad.

[User Picture]From: klwilliams
2016-09-28 06:30 pm (UTC)
Wow. That's quite an improvement on your house since we were there last. It's lovely.

We've been watching The Great British Baking Show, and now I want to try everything they baked. We saw the 2014 series, and now I want to see the rest of them.
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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2016-09-29 09:35 am (UTC)
I don't know how long I can keep it this tidy - and there are a whole lot of homeless boxes which were evicted to achieve this - but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

I never got into the Bake-Off - I'm interested that it works for a non-British audience.
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[User Picture]From: klwilliams
2016-09-29 12:06 pm (UTC)
While I know nothing about baking, I do know about eating, and the various baked goods looked delicious. Also, I liked the people. The contestants were nice people, and the four "hosts" of the show were also nice, so while there was drama involved in seeing how well everyone did each time, there weren't any jerks being mean.
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