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Who knows where the time goes? - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Who knows where the time goes? [Oct. 26th, 2016|08:39 pm]
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This week is slipping away without trace: maybe if I focus hard I'll find out where it's gone...

Monday didn't feel like Monday because we had an overnight guest, D. stopping by on his way south from Orkney. But we went swimming (my, the pool was busy) and did a little housework to make ready, and I cooked - and then we all had a pleasant evening together. So not a day on which nothing happened, not at all.

The presence of a guest may explain why Tuesday morning felt so leisured: though it wasn't, really - by ten o'clock D. had set off for home and durham_rambler had gone out to his meeting.

It's a meeting that runs all morning and a bit more, so lunch was late; and we were going out late afternoon, so there was barely time between to watch Countdown and do some ironing.

The evening started early, because we wanted to stop on our way to the Sage to see an exhibition at Gateshead Library celebrating 21 Years of Northern Print: Northern Print I know, because it's one of the places we often visit during Ouseburn Open Studios, but I didn't know what to expect of the exhibition, other than that I liked the picture used in the advertising. This was Julian Meredith's 'Blue Whale', a set of life-sized prints of a blue whale. I sppreciate that they couldn't exhibit the thing itself, and that including photographs in an exhibition of prints would have felt anomalous, but everything we saw - and we saw some entirely desirable prints - was dwarfed by it, even in its absence. (I can't find the actual photo anywhere to link).

We were going to the Sage to hear the Furrow Collective. It wouldn't be fair to call this the Emily Portman traditional songbook, because (onstage, at least) it's a very egalitarian grouping, but that's the way I came to it. The Emily Portman Trio (Emily Portman, Lucy Farrell and Rachel Newton are joined by Alasdair Roberts for mostly English and Scottish ballads, mostly as gloomy as that repertoire suggests (Emily Portman has a lovely version of Barbara Allen, for example, Rachel Newton a ferocious Lord Heathen). It didn't have the impact for me of Emily Portman's songwriting, but an entirely enjoyable evening. The song they are treating as the 'single' from the new album is pretty atypical, but here it is anyway:

And if anything happened today, the time to write about it has slipped away from me: time to go out to the pub quiz!

[User Picture]From: durham_rambler
2016-10-27 09:53 am (UTC)
“Animated by Chris Cornwell
There's no escaping us.
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