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Sunday morning in Bristol [Nov. 27th, 2016|11:54 am]
A quick check-in while our hosts are at Quaker meeting.

We came south to dine with a group of childhood friends and their spouses, reunited by Friends Reunited and meeting once a year or so since then. Obviously this is most fun for the member of each couple who can play do-you-remember, but pleasant people, good food, an excellent minervois, plenty to like. An opportunity to see a part of the country I don't know, too, although much of that is wasted since much of the drive was in the dark.

Still, Friday morning was bright and sunny, and after a sociable breakfast we set off through the Cotswold landscape (I had not expected it to be so flat) to Avebury and then on to Stonehenge. I took many pictures of many, many standing stones, so thoughts on that had better wait. Our satnav then took very nearly two hours to bring us from Stonehenge to Bristol. Salisbury Plain was beautiful, and not at all flat, all genle folds and uplands, but after that it got darkBradford-on-Avon was wasted on us, as we could hardly see it...

But eventually we reached Bristol, where we are staying with cousins, our first visit since they moved here. We have not seen their children, nor their grandchildren, since childhood is a time for plans being derailed by ailments. Not-so-secretly, I prefer the company of adults, so I am less disappointed than I might have been. Another set of cousins called in for tea, and we discussed family, and memories, and Sunderland and university cities - as you do.

When J and F return from meeting, we will take them out to lunch. And then the long drive home. A quietly happy weekend.