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Five evenings make a week [Dec. 10th, 2016|05:59 pm]
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We were out every evening of the week just finished, Monday to Friday. Mostly early evening engagements - in fact, I'd been mentally composing a post about our four eveings out, and then realised that I was overlooking the only actual late night of the lot! Nothing exciting or unusual, except to be doing something every night of the week, so:

  • On Monday, there was the monthly meeting of the local residents' association. Not the most entertaining evening, but useful and necessary.

  • On Tuesday I went to the Graphic Novels Reading Group: we are discussing 'comics set in England', which produced a much longer reading list than we expected, and there are strands to be followed about stories which are to some extent about the part of England in which they are set (Rivers of London, Big Numbers, Alice in Sunderland), stories which just happen to be set (in whole or in part) in England because they have to be set somewhere, and not to mention such confections as Marvel's Captain Britain (as originally conceived and before it fell into the hands of British writers)... Meanwhile, durham_rambler went to a talk about Fountains Abbey and Stusley Royal (and returned saying "we should visit again..." which is fine by me).

  • Wednesday is pub quiz night! I almost forgot! Our once-a-week late night has become such a part of our routine, and we find ourselves protecting our Wednesday evenings so we don't miss it.

  • On Thursday the local Green Party organised a meeting about what they are calling The Durham Future City Plan: which is a good idea, and I was interested to hear Caroline Lucas speak - but I was disappointed not to hear more specific proposals about what such a plan might contain. Long on questions, short on answers.

  • Friday night is party night: the MP's pre-Christmas drinks reception. That sounds much more formal than it was - a scrum of people in the corridor outside Roberta's office (since her office is in the Miners' Hall at Redhills, it's quite a good corridor), the best of the conversation always seeming to be in the kitchen, people milling about urging you to eat or drink, that sort of party. Then home to a Chinese takeaway and what's on television?