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Passport update [Feb. 1st, 2017|12:16 pm]

For the benefit of all those who told me, in this journal and elsewhere, that I was worrying unnecessarily about renewing my passport, and that all would be well: you were quite right. My new passport arrived this morning (which is to say, not in the post, and not by any identifiable courrier - is it possible that local passports are simply delivered by hand?), which also goes to show that I was right not to pay extra for the special accelerated service. I had forgotten that it would be one of the new illustrated ones - oh, look, there's the Angel of the North!

From: cmcmck
2017-02-01 01:02 pm (UTC)
Also means you can use the new passport readers at airports and such and they really do save the queues as we found getting back from Rome yesterday evening.
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