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Fire and Ice [Feb. 25th, 2017|10:22 pm]

There was some sort of ice sculpture event on in Durham yesterday and today. I think it was designed to provide something families could take the children to, it being half term, and there were events and opportunities to get involved, none of which I was interested in. But there were ice carvings dotted about the streets under their banners of flame, which brightened up an otherwise not very satisfactory morning's shopping (the market had been cancelled becausehigh winds were forecast):


The sky wasn't as dramatic as this picture makes it look, but I like the effect anyway.

At the opposite end of the bridge from the little mermaid was the Lambton Worm:

Lambton Worm

It looks more like a Chinese dragon, but that's the Penshaw Monument it's sitting on, which is close enough to lapping its tail seven times round Penshaw Hill.


This Phoenix is in a less dramatic spot, outside a sandwich dhop halfway up Silver Street - but it's more dramatic in itself, so it balances out. The overall theme of the event is 'Myths & Legends' so I don't think there's any specific reference to Grey College, whose emblem is the phoenix (because there was a serious fire at the college before it even opened - Grey was notorious in my day for the frequency of its fire drills).

There was a small King Arthur in the Market Place. He looked like a random crusader to me, with the big cross on his shield, but the map identifies him as Arthur, and besides, there was a sword-in-the-stone in Millennium Place - an actual sword that you could be photographed trying to pull from its block of ice. The ice was quite fractured, and it seemed likely that soon someone would succeed. More impressive was the ice throne in the Prince Bishops' High Street: it wasn't identified as the Iron Throne, probably for excellent legal reasons. The hand-out had nothing to say about the sculptor(s) - a firm who specialise in such events, I think - but could the same person have made that throne and that phoenix and this very cartoony hydra?

Batman vs Hydra

Good Batman, though! I'll spare you the alleged troll outside the bus station (more of a gonk, I thought), so that's all I saw.

From: cmcmck
2017-02-26 11:30 am (UTC)
That first one I really like!
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[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2017-02-26 11:37 am (UTC)
Why, thankyou!
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