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A spring weekend [Mar. 27th, 2017|10:26 pm]

The sun shone and the weather was mild all weekend, and for once we managed to take advantage of it.

On Saturday we went to the seaside: technically, this was work, because we had a meeting with a client. But the client lives in Cullercoats, so after the meeting (which didn't resolve things as far as I would have liked, but wasn't disastrous either) we lunched on scampi, with a view of the bay, walked a dhort way along the front, diverted to visit Oliver's Bookshop where I bought a copy of Jandy Mac Comes Back (to the Abbey, that is...)

Yesterday we went to the Botanic Gardens, and enjoyed the sunshine and admired the daffodils. One or two other things were in bloom, including the primroses, but it's mainly daffodils: there are so many of them, and they are planted in great masses of each variety, so there patches still in bud alternate with patches in full bloom. I'm never satisfied with my photos of daffodils - I can never capture the contrast between the formal shape of the individual trumpet against the carpet of gold, the way the light catches them, the translucence of the pale blooms with the light behind them - but I quite like the way this army of flowers are stampeding down the hill towards us:

Daffodil onslaught

I was hoping to see cherry blossom, too - I knew they were replanting the trees of the 'circle of friendship' but I hadn't realised this meant that all the trees had been removed (they had turned out to be a variety that is prone to problems, apparently) and that the opportunity had been taken to pave the grassy circle (there were good reasons for this, but I'm still sad about it).

[User Picture]From: shewhomust
2017-03-28 08:17 am (UTC)
You're welcome!
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