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Access all areas [Apr. 27th, 2017|09:48 pm]

One of the tweaks by which Dreamwidth (it's late, and I just mistyped 'Creamwidth'. I'm almost tempted to keep it) improves on LiveJournal is that it has rethought the whole concept of 'friending'. The very word is discarded: here we subscribe to journals we want to read on our reading page, rather than friending their authors so that they appear on our friends page. And we grant access to people who can be trusted with the information in our locked posts. And those two groups need not be the same people, because DW separates out those two functions.

The LJ system never caused me any problems (I very rarely lock posts anyway), but the DW version pleases my logical mind.

The only thing is that we who were socialised by LiveJournal continue to behave as if the two functions were inseparable, and to subscribe and grant access as if there weren't the option of doing one without the other.

Which is very ungrateful of us.

This entry cross-posted from Dreamwidth: comments always welcome, at either location.