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Beware the perils of fine writing - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Beware the perils of fine writing [Jul. 23rd, 2017|09:21 pm]
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And, speaking of holidays...

I enjoyed writing that post about what we did on my birthday, and making pretty patterns out of words and ideas. But if it weren't for sorting through my photos, seeing those patterns would have stopped me seeing things that didn't fit the pattern, our walk around Bouillon the previous evening, and the fact that we started our exploration of Trier that same day, still my birthday. I could have told you that I lunched on excellent chips, sitting on the steps of the fountain in the marketplace, enjoying the sunshine - but it took my photos to remind me that we also visited the cathedral. What can I say? My memory has its priorities.

It's a perfectly good cathedral. Living in Durham, I'm a bit spoilt for cathedrals, and after Trier we visited Aachen, about whose cathedral there will be much more, in due course. Also, in Trier the Cathedral has to compete with the Basilica. But it's a good cathedral. Here's how it looked from our bathroom window:

Cathedral view

My mental image of the interior overall is dark and confused: I've ranted before about the Holy Robe, a tunic which supposed to be have been worn by Jesus and treasured in Trier as a relic. But some of the details were delightful.


The organ made me think of a hot air balloon, trying to escape by floating up through the roof.

Josiah Wedgwood dreams of heaven

I'm not usually a fan of the baroque, but this stucco-work heaven is irresistible.


Have a detail. I wish I could remember what it's a detail of! And here's the door into the cloister:

Red door

One last one, an after-dinner, leaving the restaurant, view (the following night, in fact)

Two churches

Good night.

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