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Autumn Almanac - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Autumn Almanac [Sep. 3rd, 2017|09:40 pm]

Before going shopping yesterday morning, we compared our diaries for the coming week (so that I could plan the shopping) and beyond: it looks as if September will be quite busy, and October - well, October is looking a bit silly. In a good way, with many things I am looking forward to, though I wouldn't have chosen to have them all happen in the same month.

That said, we have taken advantage of a planned trip to London to add a few days in France, so that bit of it is self-inflicted. We have now booked the overnight ferry to Brittany and back, and four nights in between.

We were at the Botanic Gardens today: we went to the orchid show at Josephine Butler college, which is next door, so why not? Once we had admired the sheer variety of orchids on show, from the beautiful to the sinister, and from the huge colourful blooms to the tiny green things in bottles supplied by Equatorial Plants, we went for a walk in the gardens. This ought to be the cue for a photo of some autumn foliage, but the North American Arboretum failed to oblige, so instead, here's what I found lurking in the bamboo:

Hiding in the bamboo

I had bought the first damsons of the season at the greengrocer's, so there was damson crumble for pudding.

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