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Perqs of the job [Sep. 9th, 2017|08:37 pm]
For the benefit of anyone who doesn't already know this, [personal profile] durham_rambler and I run a small business building and managing websites, mostly for individuals, and since we've always found our clients mainly through word of mouth, quite a few of them are writers. So the work is always interesting, and takes us to fun events. But this last week has been exceptional, with work related outings on two successive evenings.

The first came about through our newest client: in fact, David Almond's website is our current Work in Progress. So we were very excited to be invited to a preview of David's own Work in Progress (or one of them), a collaboration with Kathryn Tickell (and fellow musician Amy Thatcher) with the title 'Tales & Tunes'. What the write-up on Kathryn Tickell's website doesn't tell you is that first they decided this was something they'd like to do, then they established that it was financially viable, and only then did they start to work out exactly what they would do. If they'd simply put together an evening that alternated readings and music, I don't think anyone would have complained, but in fact what is emerging is something more ambitious, and although David does read, and Kathryn and Amy do play (and Amy dances, too) the really magical moments are when the music weaves around the words and all three of them work together. Once you realise that this is possible, you want more of it, and so did the artists, and this was a fascinating glimpse of the creative process in action.

I had looked at the dates of the planned tour, and been very disappointed that I wasn't going to be in the right place at the right time to see it, so the invitation to this preview was doubly welcome - only now I'm doubly disappointed that I won't get to see the finished piece.

That was Wednesday evening (yes, it was worth missing the pub quiz) and on Thursday we went to a party to celebrate the publication of Ann Cleeves' new book, The Seagull - from our newest client to one of our longest standing. The party was at the Old Low Light (not to be confused - though we did, of course - with the Low Light) in North Shields. There was Seagull beer, brewed in honour of the book by Whitley Bay Brewing Company, there were old friends to catch up with, there was even a little work-related chat - and afterwards we adjourned to the Staith House gastropub next door. It must be longer than I realised since I last visited the Fish Quay which seems to be undergoing gentrification.

Time for bed: The Seagull awaits.

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