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West of the Pennines [Oct. 13th, 2017|03:46 pm]
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We left home this morning (just) on a mild autumn day, with a promise of high and gusty winds. Despite which we braved the A66 (notorious for its exposure to gales and other weather). It was indeed blowy at the top, but more dramatic was the grey curtain that came down as we passed the 'Welcome to Cumbria' sign. It is misty, and it is wet. Back down in the valley, there is less mist, but more wetness: we can see far enough to realise that - although last week's flood warning has been downgraded to yellow - the rivers are all still very high.

Our cottage this year is on Greenside, not a part of town I know. We seemed to take a very long way round to get here, and I'm hoping there's a more direct walking route down to the Brewery, where most of the festival events take place (the map suggests this would be easier if the Brewery had a back door). We seemed to be climbing quite high up, which given the general wetness is probably just as well. We have, as you can tell, grappled successfully with the keysafe and the wifi, and made a pot of tea. I have reacquainted my notebook with Dreamwidth, and decided I can do without Flickr for the duration of the weekend.

Later we will go out and collect tickets and a programme (because although the programme is online, there's nothing like a dead tree document you can scribble on). Until then, I have a book...

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