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Same again, but with more pictures [Oct. 17th, 2017|08:27 pm]

I couldn't include any pictures in my posts from Kendal, because my notebook had decided to log me out of Flickr, and Yahoo declined to log me back in. For once this wasn't because I had forgotten my password (I didn't get that far) but because Yahoo didn't recognise either of the e-mail addresses I offered it. The sensible course of action would be to return to the attack, armed with a note of my password and ID, and I will, but first, here are the pictures I would have posted - and maybe one or two more, because I can!

Not strictly comics-related, but animation's close - Beast Banks Post Office, as featured in Postman Pat (no, of course it isn't a Post Office now):

Beast Banks Post Office

The Clocktower, in all its scaffolded glory - still, the scaffolding makes a great place to put up the poster!

2017: Year of Scaffolding

And immediately across the road, the Oxfam bookshop:

Oxfam shop window</div>

I usually enjoy the 'Shop Windows Trail' in which shops are invited to compete for the best festival-related display. This year I didn't see much that struck me as imaginative or creative. I may just have missed the best entries: I didn't spend much time mooching round the little streets. So, reluctantly, because filling your window with Moomins is a bit of an easy way out, this was probably my favourite (with a tip of the hat to Pizza Express - I think! - for their original pizza related strip).

All-day breakfast at the Farmhouse Kitchen:

Breakfast at the Farmhouse Kitchen

And a couple from Archipelagogo. Selfie opportunities available in a choice of heights:

Archipelagogo Selfie

and a pair of musicians, inhabitants of one of the islands of the archipelago:


One last 'goodbye to Kendal' picture:


We listened to the weather forecast, which told us that Storm Ophelia would hit the north of England around midday, and decided to cancel the visit we had planned to make on our way home, which would have delayed our return until the early evening. But we wouldn't take the fast road, either; after all, it is both high and exposed. Instead we took the scenic route - and scenic it was, until we hit thick fog as we descended into Weardale. But the road out of Kendal was lovely, and we stopped in Melmerby for lunch at the Old Village Bakery (no longer the bakery, which seems to have been taken over by a toymaker, but still a good café). As we stepped out of the Bakery, the clouds thinned just enough for me to see the disk of the sun, clear and red - and then it vanished into cloud again. (The Guardian blames this phenomenon on Ophelia bringing in sand from the Sahara). We crossed the green to visit Andy Goldsworthy's Washfold (part of his Sheepfolds project):


And then we came home.

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