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How to identify gulls from not very far away at all, really - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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How to identify gulls from not very far away at all, really [Oct. 21st, 2017|08:53 am]

It rained overnight, but had stopped by this morning, and we actually saw the disk of the sun rising above the far side of town, across the harbour. At breakfast we had a table in the window, watching the light change over the sea, catching the lighthouse on the island.

We thought they were being optimistic, setting out chairs on the terrasse, but then a canopy rolled out from just below our window, so perhaps they know what they're doing. And as soon as the broad red field was halfway extended, a seagull landed with a thump, and started to patrol under our window. He's obviously a regular, because Madame warned us, He'll come and make big eyes at you, but whatever you do, don't feed him! We said we were familiar with the ways of seagulls, and wouldn't dream of it.

But I had plenty of time to examine all his identifying features: pink feet? check! yellow bill? check! red spot on yellow bill? also check! Definitely a herring gull.

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