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The coast road [Oct. 23rd, 2017|04:48 pm]
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Yesterday we drove from Roscoff to Paimpol, along the coast road. To avoid disappointment, I'll say right away that this is always a dance, coming down to the sea, following it for a short distance and then drifting apart, and that the best views are always the ones where it's impossible to stop the car and take photographs. In fact, the photo that I liked best as it came out of the camera is this one:

I lift my lamp...

It was taken in Morlaix, our first stop of the day. We had good feelings about Morlaix from our previous visit, long ago before the invention of the internet: I remember that viaduct, and the pleasant way it embraced the square - and wasn't there an organic supermarket where I'd bought some buckwheat flour? But on this occasion, it being Sunday, everything was shut, and a fair was setting up in the square. We were about to give it up as a bad job when we found the Tourist Office, and although that too was closed, it sent us off to try the shortest of its five waymarked walking tours, the "Circuit des Venelles". Yes, not only does Morlaix have a viaduct, it has vennels, narrow lanes between the houses, snaking up the hillside and giving views back over the town.

[personal profile] durham_rambler, ever the optimist, set the satnav for a destination that should have guided us out of town, but the satnav has her own agenda, and deposited us on the fast road which was not at all where we wanted to be. By the time we had disentangled that, we were beginning to think about lunch, and when we saw that it was market day in Plestin-les -Grèves, we stopped for a look round. The market was just winding down, and anyway, we weren't really in a position to buy fresh food, but I recommend the crêperie-restaurant Avel Zo! for good food and genuinely welcoming service.

Back on the road, and we paused somewhere called, I think, La Clarté, to admire the views out to the Sept Iles, the seven rocky islands much visited for their seabirds. There was a helpful ceramic table to help identify what we could see, of which this, of course, is the most interesting detail:

This way to the puffins!

And one more stop, later: we'd been following signs to the Sillon de Talbert just as a navigational aid, the extreme point of the headland, but when we realised it was an actual thing, we went to find out what actual thing it is. And now we know - it's a long (3 km long) sandy strip pointing out into the Channel. All the pictures show it at high tide, this fragile pathway between the waters, but it was pretty impressive at low tide, too. We didn't walk the full length of it by any means, but far enough along the sands in its lee to satisfy our idle curiosity, and then back on top of the ridge, exposed to the full force of the wind, blown breathless and glad to be back to the car.

From there it was only a short distance to Paimpol - but that's another story.

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