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London catch-up [Oct. 25th, 2017|05:55 pm]
[Tags|, ]

What with travelling and such, I haven't been online for the last couple of days, and what with other things I'm unlikely to be online much for the next couple of days. So anything I have to say about Paimpol will have to wait (which may mean that it comes with more photos, when it does eventually come).

Meanwhile, we are in London. I am sitting at the kitchen table, and BoyBear is sitting opposite me, chopping onions for an aubergine and sweet potato curry for dinner. The light has almost gone from the garden, but I can still see the last quinces, the unreachable ones at the top of the tree, a tantalising cluster of golden globes (but the birds have probably pecked them hollow, we comfort ourselves).

And tonight there will be band practice, which we are allowed to attend.

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