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Five pieces of domestic trivia make a (dull) post - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Five pieces of domestic trivia make a (dull) post [Nov. 6th, 2017|09:26 pm]
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  • Since we returned from London, I have been nursing the beginnings of a cold. Nothing major: slightly snuffly nose, slightly blocked breathing, slight outbreaks of coughing. The coughing is irritating, I admit. Does it have to get worse before it gets better? It's been going on for ten days now, I'm really ready for it to get better.

  • Meanwhile, I haven't been swimming. It's a luxury not to have to get up early, as the mornings get colder and darker, but I miss swimming. I'd just like to be able to breathe while I'm doing it. (Maybe the chlorine would help?)

  • We went shopping in Durham City on Saturday for the first time in what seems like ages (to be told that there will be no Saturday market for the next two weeks because of Lumiere, and the monthly Farmers' Market will be a week later than usual - so I'm glad we went while we had the chance). Previous shopping opportunities have been: at Booths in Kendal (after the comics festival); at Leclerc on the outskirts of Dinan; at Waitrose in Newark on the way home from London. It's quite odd to have supplies of things from so many different places.

  • I bought a couple of packs of coffee at that French supermarket. Once upon a time, I'd have stocked up, but now I bulk buy my coffee from Traidcraft, ans I like their coffee enough not to chase cheaper alternatives. The price differential doesn't seem to be as great as it was, either. But I did pick up a couple of packs, just to try something different, and we're just finished a pack of Lobodis Guatemala. They make a big thing of their commitment to fair trade and sustainable development, and this is a good thing, and a reason why I bought it (though it turned out to be good coffee too) but I was amused at the thoroughness with which they leave no box unticked. Fair trade, yes, but produced in Brittany (with a lighthouse logo, of course) and also produced in partnership with disabled people.

  • Today I baked the first loaf of bread since our return home, using the batch of starter that I froze before we left. I didn't try anything fancy, since the starter can be capricious after that kind of treatment; and indeed, it was a bit sluggish about rising - but then rose unexpectedly, and unevenly, in the oven, with a neat little hump in the center. Tomorrow morning I'll find out how it tastes. I'll also finish the last slice of the loaf which finished the millet meal I bought in Aachen at Easter (interesting, almost creamy flavour, agreeable crunch, but the top crust tends to detach).

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