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Noises off [Dec. 7th, 2017|10:14 am]

Exciting noises are coming up to the attic from next floor down, where two carpenters are fitting bookshelves in the spare room.

We have been waiting such a long time for this. It took us forever to find someone who was actually prepared to quote for the job: the joiner recommended by friends who visited, measured, asked supplementary questions and then vanished, the workshop who expressed willingness to call but could not do the job within the year... Then we found the Carpenters House, and they were very positive: yes, they could certainly do the job before Christmas, and indeed before the overnight guests who are scheduled to require the spare bed - well, next week, as it happens. We were in their order book, and all was well, and then time slipped, as time does, and I was on the verge of saying that maybe we'd better reschedule, what with visitors and us going to London and then Christmas...

Then they called and said they'd be here on Friday (tomorrow) and we started moving furniture and getting ready. and they called again and said, how about Thursday...

And now work is in progress. Such excitement.

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