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Riding the wave [Dec. 14th, 2017|12:16 pm]
For the last few days I have felt as if I were surfing just ahead of a breaking wave, managing each day to do those things that absolutely had to be done, but never reaching those tasks I simply wanted to complete. I know nothing about surfing, and have no idea whether this is a valid image, but that's how I feel. Now we are on the train, and so is our luggage, and if the breaker is crashing on the sand behind us, it's too late to worry about it. Our suitcase contains wrapping paper as well as unwrapped gifts, and cards to be written for the people we will see while we are away. No doubt we have forgotten things, but the only one we've identified is the pass-code for the wifi, and that can be solved by paying for it (annoying but not serious). All will be well.

Next task on the list, comment on the City of Durham Neighbourhood Plan...

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