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Parts of it are excellent [Dec. 17th, 2017|03:22 pm]

A very happy visit to family, overshadowed by a friend's bad news: which would make it hard enough to put a coherent post together, even if I weren't absenting myself from the preparations for tonight's carol Evening (not to mention occupying a corner of the kitchen table which could more usefully accommodate glasses which are being washed and dried). So, short version -

On Friday we (and Bears) visited Paddington Basin, failed to pick up the Paddington Public Art Trail but saw both opening bridges doing their thing and walked to Little Venice. GirlBear and I also shopped a little in the Camden Passage (haven't been there in years...).

Yesterday [personal profile] durham_rambler and I went to Essex to visit his family, and were agreeably sociable.

Have a coot:

Paddington Coot

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