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Winter and rough weather [Jan. 18th, 2018|09:54 am]

The snow forecast for "between nine o' clock and five in the morning" last night didn't start until around midnight. We picked our way down the icy street to the Elm Tree, prepared to make our way home in a blizzard; but when we left the pub after the quiz, rain was falling, and had washed away much of the frozen slush. We were safely home by the time the promised snow began.

This morning there is snow lying, maybe an inch deep. The Northern Echo has pictures, which show just how little snow it takes to cause problems. Our milk was delivered as usual, but there was no sign of the paper; the recycling has not been collected; a neighbour tells us that a waste collection truck has collided with a car in the next street over. I don't know whether this was the recycling service or the refuse collection, and I'm not rushing down the garden to see whether the dustbin has been emptied. The Farmers' Market has been cancelled.

I have a (routine) hospital appointment this afternoon (after which we were planning to go swimming): shortly, I suppose, I'll have to make some phone calls, to see whether these things are going to happen.

According to the BBC's forecast this morning, the east of England, from York south, will be windy and unpleasant, the west will see some sunshine - and then over to Scotland. So there will be no weather in the northeast of England today. That's a relief.

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