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[Jan. 27th, 2018|08:38 pm]

I was fortunate enough to see and hear a performance of The Transports before the original LP came out; and later to acquire the LP direct from Peter Bellamy, who signed it. We did follow the plotline quite easily even though it was all sung (and the narrative by Bellamy himself).

Here's the cast list: Henry: Mike Waterson, Susannah: Norma Waterson, Father: Nic Jones, Mother: Shirley Collins (June Tabor on the LP), Abe Carman: Bert Lloyd, Convict: Martin Winsor, Turnkey: Martin Carthy, Coachman: Vic Legg, Shantyman: Cyril Tawney, Chorus of Transports: The Watersons

As far as I can tell, only Dark Water has been added by the new version; but the shanty Roll Down has, in addition, been transposed to replace an instrumental finale entitled The Convict's Wedding in the original.
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