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Random travel thoughts [Feb. 7th, 2018|10:51 am]
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Yesterday was overcast and snowy. I cheered myself up with photographs from our trip to Europe last spring. Time to return to writing up our adventures in Trier, but meanwhile, one random silly picture out of sequence. We stopped for lunch somewhere whose name I don't recall: the plan, I think, was to find a pleasant restaurant by the Mosel, but there was nowhere to park close to the river, and we ended up at (what turned out to be a very agreeable pub in) the converted railway station. Here, too, the only parking space was strictly time-limited, but I did snatch this one photo:


You can see that it's a dentist's premises, though you may have to click through to a larger image, by the handles on the glass doors: on the left, a caduceus, and on the right a tooth. What I can't explain is the black-clad figure climbing up over the porch: not, surely, all because the lady loves Milk Tray? That doesn't seem appropriate.

Today the sun is shining, which makes me think of future holidays. Here's an attractive place to stay, a lighthouse in Newfoundland (and here's the tour company that will organise the trip). Not this year, for which I have other plans, closer to home, but one day...

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