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Fire & Ice & mackerel - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fire & Ice & mackerel [Feb. 17th, 2018|06:09 pm]
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We had a lunch date with S. before she went to a lecture in Durham today, and were anxious to take her somewhere good enough to make up for the last two occasions, when we subjected her to trying out places that were not good at all. [personal profile] durham_rambler had been to the Cellar Door for coffee and reported that it had potential and - phew! - it was fine. If the website suggests that it might be a bit pretentious, that's fair enough. The menu is dotted with "textures" and "emulsions", and my smoked mackerel pâté was accompanied by "torched mackerel" as well as by sourdough toast and pea-sized balls of cucumber carefully cut to show both the dark green of the skin and the pale green of the flash (there were marbles of cucumber, similarly carved, in the water carafe; I didn't think they improved the flavour of the water). But the pate was silky and smoky, the contrast was good with the moist piece of unsmoked fish (I wouldn't have noticed that one end was slightly seared if the menu hadn't called attention to it) and toast is my favourite food. No complaint about the steak and chips I had for my main course, but the starters were more interesting (and I was virtuous and didn't order dessert - among other reasons, we are out to dinner this evening - but it was a struggle).

There is a 'Fire & Ice' event in the city this weekend, with ice sculptures dotted around the streets. The theme is 'sculptures inspired by literary characters' which presumably explains Shakespeare on Framwelgate Bridge:

Shakespeare II

and the Snow White style mirror in the Market Place. This was set low enough for children to look through, but mostly, of course, the children weren't interested: it was their camera-wielding parents who were busy cajoling them. Since I didn't have a child with me, my photographs of this aren't of interest, but have a picture of Gandalf instead:


Time to go to Sunderland, to meet my cousins who are up for the match (Sunderland lost, of course...)

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