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Stirrings of spring - News from Nowhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Stirrings of spring [Feb. 23rd, 2018|11:58 am]
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The forecast threatens more cold and snowy weather: can I complain that winter seems very long when it is never the same for two weeks in a row? Milder and then cold again, take nothing for granted? Why yes, it seems I can...

If only because I have another cold, the third of the winter, which is surely excessive. Third and last, surely, but meanwhile my nose is running again and I am given to sudden explosive sneezes. No swimming for me this afternoon.

On the positive side, the days are noticeably longer: as they should be, a mere (short) month before the equinox, but it's good to wake up to daylight, and to carry the teatray back downstairs to the kitchen without having to balance it on one hand to switch on the light.

Encouraged by this, we are plotting a trip to Orkney at the end of May - or rather, we have moved beyond plotting, and booked the first of the accommodation (a cottage on Westray) so it must really be happening. As ever, I am very excited about this.

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