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The more it goes on - [Mar. 1st, 2018|12:12 pm]

The wind did eventually get up, and by nine yesterday evening it was rattling the windows, as we settled down to watch Shetland: [personal profile] durham_rambler's struggle down the garden path with the rubbish having tipped the scales against the pub quiz. Likewise, he decided against this morning's meeting - the 9 o'clock start was also a deterrent. Again, the milk arrived promptly (well done, that milkman!). The paper was a little late, and when he picked it up, [personal profile] durham_rambler noticed that the next door neighbours had put out their recycling for collection. This follows the advice on the Council website: put it out, we'll get there sooner or later..., so we have done likewise, though I'm expecting that to be later rather than sooner.

We are negotiating with our weekend guest: watch this space.

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