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Bored now [Mar. 3rd, 2018|10:35 am]

The forecast is beginning to tell us that the worst of the snow is over: except for the north-east and Scotland, of course. But in fact yesterday was quieter, and nothing seems to have fallen overnight.

There has been no post all week. The milk and the newspaper continue to be delivered (no Guardian yesterday, only the local paper; but today we have the Saturday Guardian, whose absence would leave a real hole in the week's reading). As I anticipated, the local paper confirmed that recycling would not, after all, be collected: if you put it out, please take it in again, we'll be round in a fortnight for the next scheduled delivery. The paper was less soggy than I thought it would be, after its day and a half on the doorstep.

Also as anticipated, D. cancelled his weekend visit. Strictly, we cancelled it. When the engagement which had been the excuse for the trip was cancelled, he was quite willing to drive up from Ely regardless, but we thought this was silly, and we told him so. Irritatingly, that engagement has been rescheduled for next weekend, which would work much better for us, but D. isn't free...

We too have a dinner date this evening - a long awaited party with the pub quiz team, to spend some of our winnings - so that will be the test of whether I can walk to the bottom of the hill (and then, if we can make it to the bus station on our way out, how close to home we can persuade a taxi to bring us back - but as I keep saying, if I can get down the hill, I'm confident I can get back up).

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