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Kittens! [Mar. 30th, 2006|05:33 am]

Flash Kittens II
Originally uploaded by she_who_must.
Kerry - yes, samarcand, that Kerry - is looking for homes for four kittens. They are still tiny and fluffy and unutterably cute, squirming and squeaking and showing their teeth. I promised her I would ask around.

[User Picture]From: samarcand
2006-03-30 02:34 pm (UTC)
Which Kerry? You know me - terrible with names of people that I don't see on a regular basis.

That being said, they are gorgeous and it's awfully tempting. We need a cat... I shall discuss it with my beloved this evening. Remind me...
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[User Picture]From: sekhmets_song
2006-03-31 11:02 pm (UTC)
Can't take another cat, even if they weren't across an ocean, but....
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