shewhomust (shewhomust) wrote,

Still Christmas

Another snowy morning, and [personal profile] durham_rambler had to remove the snow from the car before we could go out in search of some essential shopping: the outstanding parts of my prescription, and food for the next couple of days - there was a two-day delay before the greengrocer will deliver (and eight days for Ocadoo).

The Marks & Spencer food department was having the world's least temptiing post-Chritmas sale: there were huge amounts of turkey gravy, and very ittle else. I bought pizza for tonight: that felt appropriate for some reasin, since it's quiz night, and officially the end of Christmas.

Most years I am swimming against the tide in insisting that Christmas isn't over until Twelfth Night (or Epiphany, if your reckoning prefers): but this year there is a widespread feeling that it should last longer. I'm hearig this on the radio, but also from real people, that we could cheer ourselves up by retaining our decorations until Candlemas or Plough Monday or some other date I am happy to see restored to the calendar. I have not yet taken down the cards, which are our only decoration, but I will do that soon, because I want to enjoy looking at them.

ETA: Also stretching the Christmas period with seasonal reading: Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. Picked up because it seemed appropriate, but I had forgotten just how approproate, how much it has to say about the true meaning of Hogswatch. Not one of the funniest, but funnier than I had remembered. This entry cross-posted from Dreamwidth: comments always welcome, at either location.
Tags: books, christmas, covid-19, shopping

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