shewhomust (shewhomust) wrote,

Another year, another solstice

It may not be obvious from our increasing reluctance to get up before dawn on the longest day to watch the sun rise, but all four of us continue to enjoy our midsummer week in the north together. Towards the end of our stay on Lindisfarne, we were talking about next year: should we come back to Holy Island? Why not? We always enjoy it... But D. suggested going to Orkney next year: we'd never been to Orkney at midsummer, he pointed out, and [personal profile] valydiarosada has never been to Orkney at all -

Overnight, I remembered why we don't go to Orkney at midsummer: that's when the St Magnus Festival happens, so there'd be competion for accommodation. But D. was not deterred, and has found - and booked - a house in Stromness for midsummer 2022. These are incertain times, and anything could happen in the next 50 weeks, but for the time being we have a plan, and I am very excited about it.

Meanwhile, Morph has been visiting Orkney, and sending postcards home. This entry cross-posted from Dreamwidth: comments always welcome, at either location.
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